Foldylock Clipster 85 cm / 33.5 in

Seaty Lock USA


☑️ 2-year direct warranty

☑️ Foldylock® distributors in America


  • World’s First Wearable Folding Bike Lock.
  • World's Lightest "Sold Secure - silver" folding lock.
  • Patented joints protection system.

The days of securing your bike with bulky, inconvenient locks and chains are over.  This new-age folding bike lock is like nothing else you’ve ever tried before.  It comes with a patented joint protection system which provides the ultimate in bike and scooter security. 

The bike lock clips easily to your pants, bag or purse.  It can also be easily stowed away in a backpack!


  • Easy to carry - Wearable folding lock.
  • Hardened steel links - Increased Security to protect your bike.
  • Ultra protected rivets - Rivets are designed with the VSR technology against sawing or cutting.
  • Anti-Drilling components - Cylinder and other components are drilling resistant.
  • Protected against the elements - Metal components are rust free and plastic coveris UV protected.
  • Bike's frame protection - Links are plastic coated to prevent scratches (w
  • Fast and easy to use - Easy and convenient to operate.
  • Silent ride - A rattle elimination mechanism prevents the lock from shaking while riding.


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